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Skin Rejuvenation Edmond, OK - David Jayne, MD

Does your face show signs of aging like fine lines, droopy skin, and wrinkles?

Dr. David Jayne offers many non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures at his Edmond, OK, practice to help you look younger and healthier.

Learn why patients in the Oklahoma City area choose Dr. Jayne to restore a tighter, youthful glow to their face without surgery...

Some of Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

A large part of Dr. Jayne's Edmond, OK, medical practice is devoted to the care and rejuvenation of his patients' skin. Dr. Jayne performs 100% of treatments himself and does not rely on assistants or other staff members to complete them. Here are three main areas that he concentrates on:

Volume Replacement

This may be achieved using short-term hyaluronic acid fillers, longer-lasting deep wrinkle fillers like JUVÉDERM®, or even longer-lasting Bellafill®, which can stimulate collagen growth for up to five years. Treatment is a short, in-office procedure with little to no downtime.

Facial Structure Rejuvenation

The use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) during the Vampire Facelift® treatment can rejuvenate facial fat and other soft tissues. Additionally, amniotic tissue therapy using AlphaGEMS or MicroGEMS can add to the rejuvenating effects of PRP.

Muscle Relaxation

Relaxation of the facial muscles is best obtained by using BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines in several areas of the face. Dr. Jayne can combine BOTOX Cosmetic with other treatments to best treat the effects of aging.

How Aging Can Affect Your Face

As you get older, your face can lose fat, collagen, and soft tissue, which may cause your skin to loosen and your features to contract and fall. This can create lines, wrinkles, and deep creases. The anti-aging cosmetic treatments provided by Dr. Jayne at his Edmond, OK, clinic are aimed at restoring volume, rejuvenating tissues, and relaxing muscles. These customized treatments can reduce the negative effects of aging, including acne, scars, and environmental factors like sun exposure.

Are Injections a Popular Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Yes. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, patients seeking a refreshed, rejuvenated look received more than 7 million injections of BOTOX Cosmetic and dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM in 2020.

Interested in looking younger? The results of these age-defying injections can be amazing. Contact our Edmond, OK, practice to request a skin rejuvenation consultation with board-certified family physician David Jayne.

Ready for a Refreshed Look?

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Board-certified family physician Dr. David Jayne is well known in the Oklahoma City area for offering his patients a wide variety of holistic and traditional skin rejuvenation and skin care treatments.

As every patient's case is truly unique, Dr. Jayne customizes each treatment based on your specific needs and desires. The goal of Dr. Jayne and his staff is to help patients of all ages look better and feel better as safely, affordably, and effectively as possible.

To start your journey to refreshed, rejuvenated facial skin without invasive surgery, request a consultation at Dr. Jayne's practice today. We are located in Edmond, OK, about 20 minutes north of Oklahoma City. Feel free to use our simple online contact form or just call us anytime at:

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Top Reviews from Dr. Jayne's Happy Clients

"I went in for peptide treatment. The staff is nice and Dr. Jayne is really knowledgeable and didn't try to force me into any treatments. I would definitely recommend them to people"

- Brandon Wright

"Dr. David is an excellent Doctor. I've been seeing him for a couple of years, and has demonstrated his competence and care repeatedly with me. I recommend Dr. Jayne to anyone looking for a doctor. He always has the correct answer!"

- Angel Soriano

Our Innovative, Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

The Vampire Facelift

Surgical facelifts may be useful in some cases, but they are not a cure-all for the aging face. In fact, a traditional facelift can create an unnatural appearance as your facial skin is stretched tightly over the bone. This invasive procedure also does very little to improve the quality of your skin.

In this short video, Dr. Jayne explains how a non-surgical Vampire Facelift at his Edmund, OK, practice uses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in conjunction with JUVÉDERM to create youthful volume and address fine lines. Vampire Facelifts can also improve your skin’s texture, color, and integrity.

5 Benefits of a Vampire Facelift

Fresher, Youthful Appearance

Tissue Regeneration

Increased Collagen Growth

Fuller Facial Shape

Smoother Skin

The Vampire Facial

Vampire Facials® have become a worldwide sensation for good reason. This non-surgical treatment can tighten skin, create a radiant glow, and soften scars for a beautiful, younger appearance. Results can last up to two years. Like Vampire Facelifts, Vampire Facials use PRP therapy, but Vampire Facials use micro-needling and do not use dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM.

Vampire Facials are performed with a three-step procedure:

Both Vampire Facials and Vampire Facelifts use PRP therapy to refresh your appearance.

Dr. Jayne will comfortably draw your blood at our relaxing Edmund, OK, practice. He will use special equipment to isolate the platelet-rich plasma and its growth factors.

Dr. Jayne will use a micro-needling device to create tiny punctures and inject your body's platelet-rich plasma into your face. This encourages skin tightening and collagen production.

Finally, he will apply the plasma to the surface of your face so it soaks into the tissue, further stimulating skin rejuvenation. Your naturally tightened skin will glow with healthy color. Scar reduction will give you a softer, more youthful appearance.

More of Our Skin Rejuvenation Options

This holistic procedure uses your blood's platelet-rich plasma to boost your body's natural healing process and lessen recovery time after surgical procedures. It is an excellent way to treat sports injuries, which is why the world's top athletes use it frequently. Dr. Jayne uses PRP during Vampire Facelifts and Facials.

Our bodies produce fewer hormones as we get older. For both men and women, this can cause sexual performance problems, mood issues, and memory difficulties. Hormone replacement therapy can address these issues, and also restore hydration and elasticity to dry, aging skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

By injecting these beneficial amino acids, Dr. Jayne can help surgical wounds heal faster. The peptides boost protein production in the body, which can dramatically enhance healing. Peptides also encourage collagen growth, improving skin color and elasticity.

When administered by our board-certified physician, BOTOX injections can relax facial muscles that contract and create fine lines and wrinkles. The injections paralyze these targeted facial muscles, so lines and wrinkles do not form and will eventually fade.

Injections of JUVÉDERM dermal filler can be used by Dr. Jayne to increase skin volume and fill in deep lines and creases on your face. It can also add fullness to the lips and cheeks, restoring a supple, youthful appearance.

State-of-the-Art Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Jayne's state-of-the-art laser procedures can minimize the effects of damaging sun exposure. Laser treatment can also reduce age spots, enlarged pores, mild acne scarring, and dark eye circles.

The high-energy laser safely penetrates your skin, using heat to stimulate the body's healing process. Recovery after a laser procedure is extremely quick, with little to no downtime. Many of Dr. Jayne's patients see dramatic results after only two or three laser treatment appointments.

Dr. Jayne also offers advanced laser resurfacing. This involves a special laser that penetrates deep into your facial skin, stimulating collagen growth, smoothing rough areas, and tightening loose skin.

Dr. Jayne's laser resurfacing patients love the glowing appearance of their skin and how wrinkles, scars, and discoloration are diminished.

Our Patients Love Dr. Jayne

"Friendly staff and Dr.Jayne took the time to explain everything I asked about. Huge product selection."

- Dawn Stefansky

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Dr. David Jayne

Dr. David Jayne uses modalities including medical acupuncture, hypnotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, and traditional Western medicine to treat both the mind and body.

Dr. Jayne:

  • Is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
  • Is a board-certified family physician
  • Has been practicing in Edmond for over 20 years

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