PRP Therapy

Are you worried about lengthy recovery times following an injury? Give a biological boost to the healing process with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment.

This exciting new procedure can dramatically reduce healing times by injecting platelet-rich plasma into an injured tendon, bone, or muscle.

Learn how Dr. David Jayne in Oklahoma City, OK, can provide PRP injections to stimulate the growth of new, healthy cells and harness the body's own ability to heal...

What Is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma treatment is an incredible scientific development that, along with stem cell-based therapies, has seen successful applications in the field of sports medicine, among other fields. Professional athletes such as Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have received PRP injections to treat a number of sports injuries from sprains and strains, to tears in ligaments and tendons. But what exactly is PRP?

Blood is made up of a number of parts, but the main component is the liquid known as plasma. The remaining components are small solid elements such as platelets, red cells, and white cells. Platelets are generally known for their importance in the clotting mechanism, but they also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors. The growth factors that are present in platelets are important in the healing of injuries throughout the body. These are a key component of PRP treatment.

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How Does PRP Therapy Work?

The exact mechanism that allows PRP to provide such tremendous benefits is not yet clear, but studies have shown that the increased concentration of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma has the potential of speeding up the healing process. To lessen healing time, an injury site can be treated with PRP in one of two ways. Platelet-rich plasma can be injected into an injured area, or it can be prepared in a way that allows it to be stitched into tissue during surgery.

What to Expect during PRP Injections

This form of the treatment process is incredibly simple:

  • Draw Blood: To develop a PRP preparation, a blood sample is drawn from the patient. 
  • Separate Components: The sample is put into a centrifuge to separate the blood into its various components. After the separation process, the plasma is rich with platelets and concentrated growth factors.
  • Administer Injections: This platelet-rich plasma is then prepared for injection into the treatment area.  
Lab tech placing vials of blood in cetrifuge

Effective Treatment for Athletes and Other Types of Patients

Research studies continue to evaluate the effectiveness of PRP treatments. A number of factors can contribute to how well platelet-rich plasma therapy will work for the individual patient but it continues to show promise in expediting recovery from a number of injuries.

Platelet-rich plasma has received the most attention in the treatment of acute sports injuries. Tendon and muscle injuries are common in professional sports and these remarkable injections have helped athletes return to top form in far less time than traditional therapies. Dr. Jayne also recommends the treatment for our patients whose comfort, mobility, or independence has suffered due to a range of injuries. 

What about Side Effects?

Because PRP treatment involves an injection, there is the potential for side effects. However, PRP is autologous. This means it is composed of compounds that come from your own body. This minimizes the risks involved, although you can expect the same risks as any type of injection, including:

  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Tissue damage

Dr. Jayne will be more than happy to discuss these potential risks with you at our Oklahoma City office and will take every step to minimize these risks.

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