Permanent Makeup & Acne Treatment

Permanent Makeup by Phylis Milner, CMM

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We proudly offer permanent makeup services by expert Phylis Milner, CMM. Featuring the SofTap manual method of micropigmentation.

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Permanent Makeup for eyebrows and eyeliner using the Sof Tap® method.

  • No solid brows
  • No Tattoo Machines
  • Brows are HAND Tapped to produce Natural Looking Hair Strokes

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Laser Treatment for Facial Acne and Veins

What Does Treatment Involve?

Light safely passes through the outermost layers of skin in search of the targeted vessel. Without damaging the surrounding skin, the laser’s intense light is absorbed by the targeted vein. The light energy is then converted to heat and this initiates the process of eliminating the vein. The treated vessel will gradually fade or diminish. In many cases, smaller vessels are eliminated in 1 to 2 treatments. Medium or larger vessels may take additional treatments.

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Laser treatment can be utilized for small facial areas or for the entire face. Recently, full-face treatments have become increasingly popular. Many people suffer from larger broken capillaries on their nose and cheeks and will have medium and smaller vessels on other facial areas. A full-face treatment will improve the overall facial appearance by creating a more uniform skin color, and by smoothing the texture of the skin.

A full-face treatment typically lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Smaller areas, such as the nose, can be treated in 15 minutes. In some cases a topical anesthetic cream is first applied to numb the treatment area. For a short period of time following treatment, a cold compress may be applied to soothe the possible appearance of slight swelling or redness of the skin. Treatments on the face, chest, neck, hands, legs, and abdomen are all done safely and quickly with laser technology.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

During your consultation, your skin’s condition will be evaluated and a customized treatment program will be suggested. In some cases only 1 or 2 treatments may be necessary to yield the desired result. However, in some cases, 3 to 5 or more treatments may be required to achieve premium results. The number of treatment sessions will depend on the type of veins to be treated, the location of the veins and their size and color.

In many cases, it is recommended that treatments applied to the face be repeated at 3 to 4 week intervals. The time intervals of your treatments will be determined during the consultation, where many of these issues and concerns may be addressed.

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Men and women of all ages are currently seeking better alternatives to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Medical laser technology has evolved to provide non-invasive, “no down time” treatments for certain benign skin conditions. If you suffer from broken or raised capillaries/rosy cheeks, spider veins, birthmarks, portwine stains, Rosacea, or pigmented lesions such as age spots, sun spots and uneven pigmentation, laser skin treatments can provide the safe and effective alternative you have been seeking. Enjoy a more youthful appearance with skin rejuvenation.

Acne Treatment

What is Acne?

Acne is one of the most common of all skin problems, characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and, in some people, deep painful bumps that look and feel like boils. When it’s severe, acne can cause permanent scarring of the skin. And those are just the physical problems.

What are the treatment options?

There are many acne treatment options available. During your consultation, we can discuss what options will best suit your needs. Acne treatments may include any of the following:

Medication & Skin Care Products

Several types of topical prescription medicines are used to treat acne. Topical Antibiotics can stop, slow, and prevent bacterial growth and reduce inflammation. Topical Retinoids are medicines made from Vitamin A that are effective in treating whiteheads and blackheads by opening clogged pores. Dermatologists claim that topical retinoids work to normalize the life cycle of the pilosebaceous unit (follicle and sebaceous glands). There are also many Skin Care Products available today that specialize in the treatment of acne.

During your consultation, we will work with you to determine the right course of action and regimen that’s best for you.

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Age, hormones, medications, cosmetics, the environment and stress all have an impact on the sebaceous hair follicle units. Acne starts when the following conditions occur:

  • The upper portion of the hair follicle becomes plugged, causing whiteheads and black heads
  • Circulating androgens stimulate the oil glands to release sebum. This, in turn, causes the overgrowth of P. acnes bacteria, which then produces an inflammatory response that results in deep red papules, pustules and nodules.

The acne treatment is used to target the basic causes. Topical agents can be used to treat mild to moderate acne. These can be classified in the following ways:

  • Plug busting (tretinoin, adapalene)
  • Bacterial busting (clindamycin, erythromycin)
  • Both (benzoyl peroxide)
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For moderate to severe acne, systemic acne treatment is necessary and includes:

  • Oral antibiotics that suppress the growth of P. acnes
  • Antiandrogens which target the oil gland to suppress the production of sebum
  • Isotretinoin which targets both hair follicles and oil glands. This is reserved for treatment of resistant acne

Lastly, since the skin is affected by its surroundings, lifestyle changes, and good skin care using non-comedogenic products are important in the management of this disease.

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Dr. David Jayne uses modalities including medical acupuncture, hypnotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, and traditional Western medicine to treat both the mind and body.

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