PRP Treatment in Edmond, OK

Are you worried about lengthy recovery times following an injury? Are you in constant pain from arthritis or tendonitis?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment can dramatically reduce healing times and help combat pain.

Dr. David Jayne can provide PRP injections in his Edmond, OK, office to stimulate cell growth and harness the body's own ability to heal.

What Is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma treatment is an incredible scientific development that uses your own blood to aid in the healing of an injury. It has seen successful applications in the field of sports medicine, dentistry, orthopedics, and dermatology. Professional athletes such as Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have received PRP injections to treat a number of sports injuries from sprains and strains, to tears in ligaments and tendons.

PRP Injections

PRP Injection

What is in a PRP Injection?

PRP is an autologous injection, meaning your blood is used during treatment. Blood is made up of red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma, the liquid part of blood that carries the other solid elements. Platelets are important for clotting, but they also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors. This is the component thought to be most crucial for the healing process. Your doctor will draw blood, separate the blood components via centrifuge, and then inject the platelet-rich plasma back into the area that needs healing.

How Do PRP Injections Work?

The exact mechanism that allows PRP to provide such tremendous benefits is not yet clear, but studies have shown that the increased concentration of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma has the potential of speeding up the healing process. To lessen healing time, an injury site can be treated with PRP in one of two ways. Platelet-rich plasma can be injected into an injured area, or it can be prepared in a way that allows it to be stitched into tissue during surgery.

What Can PRP Treat?

PRP can be used in a number of fields from sport's medicine to dermatology. Below are some common ailments PRP injections can treat.

Torn Tendons

Torn Ligaments


Joint Injuries

Muscle Injuries

Arthritis Pain

Heal Faster

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With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Jayne knows how to use PRP injections to speed up healing and address both erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. When you come in for any procedure, it will be Dr. Jayne providing your care every time.

Our entire Edmond office takes pride in respecting our patients. We take the time to get to know them and their needs in order to best meet their medical goals. We also respect our patient's time, not letting anyone wait longer than five minutes before being seen by Dr. Jayne.

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What to Expect

During PRP Injections

The PRP treatment process is very simple. The entire procedure is completed in our Edmond, OK, office.

The entire treatment involves minimal pain and can be completed within one hour.

Draw Blood

To create platelet-rich plasma, a blood sample is drawn from the arm of the patient.

Separate the Platelets

The blood sample is put into a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red blood cells. After the separation process, the plasma is rich with platelets and concentrated growth factors. The concentrated platelets in the plasma will be used for treatment.


Dr. Jayne will use a local anesthetic to numb the area where the injections will be administered.


Once you are numb, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the treatment area. If you are being treated for a muscle injury, you will be injected in several different locations throughout that muscle. Sometimes the use of ultrasound is necessary to ensure we are targeting the right area.


Once the platelets have been injected into the treatment area, they begin to break down and release the growth factors. These are the components thought to be responsible for repairing and renewing damaged tissue and kickstarting your body's healing process.

What about Side Effects?

PRP treatment will result in some temporary side effects, including redness, bruising, soreness, and swelling around the injection site.

These side effects are mild and will clear up on their own.

Possible Complications

As for potential complications, PRP carries the same risks as any type of injection. Potential adverse side effects include:

  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Tissue damage

Low-Risk Treatment

Keep in mind that PRP is autologous. This means it is composed of compounds that come from your own body. This minimizes the risks involved. Dr. Jayne will be more than happy to discuss these potential risks with you at our Central Oklahoma office. We will take every step to minimize these risks.

PRP Aftercare

Immediately following your treatment, it is normal to experience mild pain at the injection site. This is just a sign that your body is healing. Dr. Jayne will give you instructions on things to avoid following your injections to manage your side effects. These instructions may include:

Avoid Medications

Dr. Jayne will tell you which medications are safe to continue to use after your procedure. Anti-inflammatories should be avoided as they can thin the blood and interfere with the healing process.

Avoid Ice

Avoid putting ice directly onto an injection site for at least 72 hours after treatment. Ice reduces swelling and constricts the blood vessels, which can interfere with the healing process.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol thins the blood and therefore can interfere with the healing process much like anti-inflammatories. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided for at least 48 hours after injections.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

If you are getting PRP injections due to an injury, you may already be required to rest. However, it is a good rule of thumb to not put too much pressure on your treatment site. This allows your muscles, ligaments, or joints to heal fully and properly.

Effective Treatment for Athletes

and Other Types of Patients

PRP treatment

Research studies continue to evaluate the effectiveness of PRP treatments. Several factors can contribute to how well platelet-rich plasma therapy will work for the individual patient, but it continues to show promise in expediting recovery from various injuries.

Platelet-rich plasma has received the most attention in the treatment of acute sports injuries. Tendon and muscle injuries are common in professional sports and these remarkable injections have helped athletes return to top form in far less time than traditional therapies. Dr. Jayne also recommends the treatment for our patients whose comfort, mobility, or independence has suffered due to a range of injuries.

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