Tips & Tricks for Reducing Your Daily Carb Intake


If you want to achieve weight loss by reducing carbs in your daily diet, Dr. David Jayne can provide the guidance you need to see results. By slowly reducing the number of carbs you consume each day, you can gradually reduce your carb intake and train your body to convert protein and fat into energy. In addition to helping you reduce carb intake, Dr. Jayne can recommend apps and other lifestyle choices to help you lose weight—for good.

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Hello. I'm Dr. David Jayne, and I'd like to talk to you about weight problems. And we've decided to break this up into a few videos. They will go in sequence. I'm going to start by talking about the elephant in the room, which is carbohydrate addiction or carb addiction. It's the etiology, I believe, of basically almost all the weight problems in the United States at this point in time. And one of the biggest symptoms is what I call the weight yo-yo. And people struggle with their weight. They lose weight by whatever method, diet that they're doing. Then, they fall off the wagon. They don't follow the diet. They make, you know, changes to their life. Stress happens. You get older. Life gets busy. And then, all of a sudden, you turn around and you gained every bit of your weight back and then some. And then, you repeat the process and you lose, and up and down. But over time, the trend is for weight gain to go higher and higher and higher over time. And it's extremely frustrating. And we have people from all walks of life who have all activity levels, who all have similar problems. And part of the problem is that carbohydrates are cheap. They're convenient. They taste great, and they're in everything. Otherwise, there's no issue with carbohydrates whatsoever. So carbohydrate consumption, as it increases, you add fat because when the body has more than an excess number of carbohydrates, it turns it to fat to store it. So the way you can reverse that process is by gradually continually cutting down your carbohydrate consumption. So one of the best things you can do is download an app. It's called Carb Manager. It's a big M with a circle around it. Set it up for just carbohydrate, not for all macros but just carbs because you don't have to pay attention to fat or protein. And then, what you do is you get an idea of how many grams of carbs you've been consuming. And then, you make a concerted effort to gradually cut your carbohydrate consumption. So I believe you should do that by planning on eating one less gram of carbohydrate today than you had yesterday and tomorrow, one gram less than today. And in doing so, you'll cut 30 grams per day per month out of your consumption. So, if you start somewhere around 400 to 800, which is not out the realm of the normal for what people are actually consuming, you won't feel any different from day to day. So the addiction, which is a worst type of addiction than alcohol or cocaine, or methamphetamine because those things you can be abstinent from. It's not realistic for you to be abstinent totally from carbohydrates the rest of your life, although you would be perfectly healthy if you never ate another carbohydrate again because your body can convert protein and fats to carbohydrates when necessary. Getting an accurate count every single day of your carbohydrates and setting your goal of one less than the day before, I think, is realistically to gain control over the situation. But as you cut your carbs down, you're going to have to do other measures. And in the next few videos, I'm going to speak to those and go through those in more detail. If you're interested in talking to me about weight loss or about any of the other services that I provide through the clinic, please call 405-348-8850 and schedule an appointment for a free consultation. I'll be more than happy to talk with you at length. And watch the next videos. You'll gain even more information.

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