How Medical Marijuana Can Improve Your Quality of Life


Since the state of Oklahoma recently passed a medical marijuana bill, many patients are now eligible for a medical marijuana license. If you suffer from a painful medical condition, mood disorder, inflammatory state, or cancer, medical marijuana may greatly improve your quality of life. Because he believes that medical marijuana is safe and effective for many patients, Dr. David Jayne offers medical marijuana evaluations at his office serving Oklahoma City, OK, and Edmond.

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Hello, I'm Dr. David Jayne, and I'd like to give you some information today about medical marijuana. The state of Oklahoma has recently passed the medical marijuana bill. So now if you fit certain criteria and have a recommendation, you can obtain a medical marijuana license. And medical marijuana has been shown to be very helpful in treating painful conditions, helps with mood disorders, helps with inflammatory states, and potentially have some anti-cancer effects. First off, what is medical marijuana? Marijuana has been around for a very long time and it tended to get a reputation for being a bad substance. Actually, medical marijuana is safer than alcohol or opioids, or anything else because it's impossible to overdose and die from it. Now, you can use too much or have an adverse reaction to medical marijuana, but it really can't kill you, which today in light of the opioid crisis, it is a very big deal. And I think medical marijuana can play a very good role in helping alleviate the opioid crisis and allowing people to back off on their opioid medications as well as potentially maybe even stopping their opioid medications and being able to use marijuana instead, with a better quality of life and less risk. So the way the process would work is if you're interested in pursuing this, you can call and make an appointment and come see me. At the time when you come in, I recommend that you bring in a passport picture, a new passport picture, just the picture, your ID card, and I recommend, if you can, you can go on to the OMMA website and you can create an account. And if you've already created the account, when you come in, that will save a little bit of time. That's the legwork you need to do prior to coming in, and when you bring those things in with you, then you will fill out a patient history form and answer questions about your past history, all the pertinent information that I would need to help make a decision about making the recommendation for medical marijuana. Once you've done that, then we do a urine drug screen and that checks for drugs of abuse, because according to the medical marijuana bill, you need to be screened for drugs of abuse. And once the urine drug screen is available and we have a chance to all sit down, we go through and I do an evaluation with you. And at the end of that time, I make a determination about a recommendation for the license. If I make the recommendation that, yes, I do believe you're a candidate for the license, then my staff can help you finish the process, loading the information into the OMMA website, and then once that's all done, then it's probably about a two to three-week process for you to get your card in the mail. If you're interested in learning more about medical marijuana or you would like to go ahead and schedule a time for your medical marijuana evaluation, please give us a call at 405-348-8850. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you.

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