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Tissue Regeneration

AlphaGEMS Amniotic Tissue Regeneration

AlphaGEMS/MicroGEMS functions as a biologic matrix to facilitate and enhance tissue healing and repair.

Supports Regeneration

 AlphaGEMS/MicroGEMS amnotic tissue is composed of collagens and other structural proteins, which provide a biologic matrix that supports angiogenesis, tissue growth and new collagen during tissue regeneration and repair.

 Provides Growth Factors

 AlphaGEMS/MicroGEMS amniotic tissue contains important growth factors and proteins including PGE2, WNT4, GDF-11, PDGF, VEGF, EGF, FGF and TGF-B, which promote collagen matrix formation and cellular proliferation while minimizing the formation of scar tissue.

AlphaGEMS/MicroGEMS is a human amniotic tissue product derived from placentas only from healthy, live, pre-screened births. It is a natural biologic Alternative to Synthetic products.

To assure patient safety, Amniotic Therapies’ donor selection and amniotic tissue recovery and processing procedures meet or exceed all applicable medical industry standards.

All AlphaGEMS/MicroGEMS products undergo independent sterility testing.

AlphaGEMS/MicroGEMS are frequently combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in procedures in our office for a synergistic effect to stimulate rejuvenation of existing tissues plus regeneration of new tissue to produce a maximal biologic response.

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