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Patient Testimonials

"Apr 25, 2014

Dr. Jayne helped my husband and I lose 63 pounds combined. He provided good education, support and guidance all throughout our process. He and his office staff are all great. Thanks Dr. Jayne!!! "

Laura, OK

"Feb 7, 2014

David talked me thru a painful Saturday afternoon with several recommendations that helped but did not solve the problem. As a precaution he told me to go to the nearby emergency room. I was at the emergency room about 30 minutes when David walked into the room. I was surprised (actually shocked) that he took time from his family on a Saturday evening to be with my wife and me. He consulted with the ER physician and recommended a CT to rule out any serious problems. The ER physician concurred and the procedure was done. While nothing was found causing my abdominal pain, the CT disclosed a mass on my kidney. Long story short, David by his expertise probably saved my kidney and possibly saved my life. David: I have told you privately thank you. But publicly I want you to know how grateful I am for you expertise and friendship. "

Larry, OK

"Feb 9, 2014

David is one of the good guys. My experience with personal physicians prior to meeting David was their need to run myriad tests (to absolve them of using any type of actual onboard knowledge) or they simply crossed themselves and blessed you out the door. I met David via a business situation, but was immediately put at each because he was cerebral and because he 'wanted to know.' "

Rob, OK

"Feb 23, 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Jayne's for approximately 4 years. A friend referred him to me when I was searching for a doctor that practiced alternative and preventive medicine. Dr. Jayne has never disappointed me in his knowledge of health care without medication. I have appreciated his versatility in so many areas of patient care. He has treated me for everything from pain with acupuncture, to hormone therapy, to improving the appearance of my face with collagen injections, not to mention good basic health care. His staff is friendly, helpful, and always knows my name when I come to the office. I have never had to wait for an appointment time or in his waiting room to see him. His bedside manner is very pleasant, reassuring, and always greets me with a smile. I feel comfortable in his hands for my total health care. "

Linda, OK

"Feb 22, 2014

Dr. Jayne is a true professional. He listens and evaluates carefully what you have to say. He has helped my wife and me over the last 4-5 years for the usual health matters. In 79 years of life, I've been lucky. I had little need for medical services, until recently. Last year, he diagnosed and treated me for serious pulmonary blood clots of which I was blissfully unaware. I am alive today to say thank you for saving my life. "

Roger, OK

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